We believe in the power of innovative thought.

By challenging design convention with a hunger for innovation, precision and excellence, we enable ourselves to deliver great projects led by great design.

Henderson & Co. is a specialist consultancy practice founded in Design, with a passion for Development, Construction and Branding.

We curate through the Art of Design.
We curate places, spaces, products and experiences.

From the outset of each project we first engage with our Clients to collaborate and compose a design brief, we question, we listen, and then respond accordingly, so we ensure each design we touch is unique, is relevant and is formed at a deeper level than that of just aesthetics or personal taste.

Each project must meet the demands placed upon it by it’s contextual surrounds, it’s intended audience, and it’s grounding concept all balanced carefully against our Clients personal desires and goals.

We synergise these elements, we form them into a fluid journey resulting in a carefully considered outcome.

All design deserves a process of exploration, innovation and testing. In order to create a unique outcome of any real merit, the process that is design, needs these investments made in equal measure.

Relevant and original, not predetermined nor reproduced.

Meet the Principal

Angus is the founder of Henderson and Co. and carries a breadth of experience across a wide range of building typologies and design disciplines.

Angus specialises in Architecture and Interior Architecture having worked both nationally and internationally, he holds expertise across a diverse range of sectors, including commercial office, residential and apartment living, automotive showroom, maritime, hotel, bar and restaurant venues, regional and high-end retail.

His work has received national and international award recognition.

Before founding Henderson & Co. Angus held executive management positions at leading Architectural firms Turner and Crone.

You can download Angus's full CV here

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